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Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes….

Light is the all important element that brings life into focus. It lets us see our world and remember the things that are most important. A photograph can retransmit the emotion, taste and even the scent associated with it. Be it a feeling or even a sound, pictures have a magical way of connecting our hearts to our eyes.

Images can tell any story and evoke any emotion. Time has a way of eluding us, but with a photograph we can always go back and be in the moment for as long as we want. In a sense we are creating a time machine, a way to defy reality. A picture in a frame makes us pause and slow down whatever is going on around us even if only briefly to enjoy a special moment in time. To see a loved one at a special point in time or even in a portrait will always make us smile, to see yourself in a different light will make your soul smile.

I am self taught, well traveled, and have been graced and inspired by teachers that can not be paid or scheduled. These lessons can only be learned at the short end of a lens, creativity has to flow outward from there. My goal is to pay it forward, continuing to give a better understanding to the fine art of photography.

The universe is so vast that no single person could ever tell all of it’s tales. By recording experiences through photography we are able to culminate a story that will never have an end. People far into the future will have a special invitation, a back stage pass to a different life and time. Moments of love, incredible events and the people who create them will live beyond their time. Through photography I can educate and inspire others so that then they will be the ones who are behind the lens.

Live the dream.



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